WELCOME – Minister Of Tourism, Industry And Commerce

This is particularly an exciting time for us in Guyana. We are already buoyed by our transformative development happening across our country, and equally enthusing, is the growth and expansion we have been experiencing within the tourism sector.

This magazine will be launched during our Cricket Carnival, which is a phenomenal sport attraction that highlights GuyanaÕs potential to be the entertainment capital of the Caribbean. But this is just the beginning. You can expect to see Guyana hosting more major events, including conferences and sport tournaments in the near future.

It is against this projected growth of tourist arrivals, that we continue to build capacity by expanding the available room stock. Apart from the 1500 international-branded hotel rooms that will become available soon, there has been a surge in bed and breakfast offerings and many Guyanese are now converting properties to bed and breakfast rentalsto meet the rising demand for accommodation.

Guyana is phenomenal and I encourage all of you to explore this unique product Destination Guyana; a land that offers an enthralling mix of rest and adventure. As you browse this magazine, this will become more and more evident. There are attractions and activities all across Guyana that will captivate you, whether you prefer safari, rodeo, regatta, birdwatching, game fishing, horseback riding or just the warmth and serenity of one of our indigenous communities.

As we interact with visitors and other stakeholders, more experiential travel products are being created so that visitors can be fully immersed in our culture and maximize on your experiences. Between September and December, 12 new products will be launched. I encourage you to look out for these new offerings and begin booking once they are announced. If you have suggestions on additional products or ways we can improve our existing ones, please reach out to us at the ministry. We would love to hear from you.

In closing, let me congratulate the publishers of Tourism Guyana 2022/2023 Magazine, for completing yet another edition. I see this publication as an important component of our tourism development. Thank you for your confidence and for appreciating the value of Destination Guyana.

To our visitors, use this magazine as another guide to identify must-visit places in Guyana. Happy travelling!

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