Editor’s Note

The Tourism Guyana Magazine is published by Creative Marketing Company, which comprises of a small team of skilled and diverse individuals that dedicates their time and energy into showcasing all things Guyana through the Tourism Guyana Brand. This magazine is a passion project of ours and we have been working on this edition over the past year.

We welcome our readers to explore our second (2nd) Edition of the magazine and dive into a range of first-hand travel stories and tour experiences after we preserving memories of travels that members of our team took together, we realized that we must share these experiences with the world. Stories about beautiful landscapes, about the people you meet along the way, animal experiences, great cuisine and many other things that deserve recognition. We had an awesome time recalling our experiences and we hope that our readers and visitors alike can experience what Guyana has to offer.

On our Cover we feature a Rupununi Vaquero masterfully riding a Bareback Bronco during the rodeo celebrations. Our feature story gives a firsthand glimpse of the excitement and what to expect during the Rupununi Rodeo Celebrations.

We delve a little bit into the huge oil boom and the ripple effects that it has for Tourism in the form of new luxury hotels & resorts that will make their appearance in the near future and a number of new, properties opening their doors to visitors for the first time this year. The newly announced cricket carnival during the hosting of the Caribbean Premier League Tournament, that is sure to draw visitors from all over the world. We are sure that there will be something for everyone visiting Guyana.

This Tourism Guyana Magazine will be a potboiler for the best Guyanese experience stories and will be a nature and animal lover’s reading paradise. We sincerely trust that you will have as much pleasure reading this edition as much as we enjoyed compiling this for you, our dear readers. Happy Reading!
We would also like to thank our many supporters, advertisers and other stakeholders for being on board and showing the confidence in us and our production. Thank you!

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