Street Foods A Guyanese Thing

By Lesa Fleming & Tammy Quail

Discovering Guyana, it is not just about exploring our rainforests or our landmarks, it’s also about partaking in our famously delicious street foods and traditional meals which are largely a part of the cultural tourism fiber world wide.

The diversity of Food in Guyana offers a wide variety of choices due to our rich and diverse culture which is influenced by our six ethnic groups and will excite every palate. Tasty, ready-to-eat and inexpensive food made for a bite on the run is always so convenient and our Guyanese street food sure does get your taste buds going.

Taking a bite of any of our delicious street food (snacks) is the best way to fully immerse in our amazing diverse culture. The varieties of snackettes are limitless; you’ll find one at every corner, especially when in our capital city, Georgetown.
The choices are endless, from saltfish and fried bakes on the go, gun oil corn, potato balls & puri with ‘loud’ sour, pholourie, fish & chips, chicken foot ( a crunchy fried flour snack), the spanish influence burgers and arepas and lots more.

Saltfish and bakes: Fluffy and airy quick bread, filled with salted-fish fried to perfection with onions, garlic and tomatoes.

Channa and Sour: Soft boiled chick peas lightly fried with herbs and spices. Enjoy with spicy pepper sauce / sour

Eggball: Boiled eggs wrapped in seasoned potatoes/cassava and deep fried. Enjoy with Mango sour or chutney of choice.

Pinetarts: Small, triangle shaped pastries filled with pineapple jam.

Coconut water: said to have all sorts of healing properties; a revitalising drink; one that has hydrating or Ôcool-down’ properties for the body, and much more. And because of this, the mostly fresh, young and green coconut is cherished not only for its jelly fruit, but more so for the water that runs from it.

Not forgetting our very own traditional meals. Our traditional meals are the rock of our nation. Guyanese pride themselves on their freshly grown herbs and vegetables which will in turn be used in our daily meals. The aroma of a Guyanese kitchen will take you on an adventurous ride awakening cravings you have never experienced. The scent of herbs and spices such as thyme, married man pork (a type of basil) geera, massala , turmeric and local peppers such as wiri wiri , bird pepper or seasoning pepper and lots more being used will not only fill the air with its amazing fragrances, but will also have you craving for a bite with every breath. We hope that you’re as adventurous with your foods as you are with exploring our beautiful country, because you are sure to find meals to tantalize your palates and leave you wanting more!


Pepperpot: A slow cooked stew made with different types of meat, pepper,cinnamon and most importantly fresh coconut water cassava cassareep.
Roti and Curry: Indian inspired flat bread wrapped snugly around various savory curries of chicken, fish, beef, shrimp, channa or potatoes.

See you next time!!

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