WELCOME President of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana

After the trials, travails and trauma, occasioned by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the global tourism sector is rebooting. Travel to the Caribbean is increasing; tourist arrivals continue to swell. Globally, the situation is no different with indications that tourism – one of the world’s leading economic sectors – is assuredly on the path to recovery.

As some of the traditional tourism hotspots reopen, travellers are eager to seek new vistas, explore new horizons and be seduced by different experiences. They are seeking new places and craving different experiences.

Guyana is fast becoming one of the hemisphere’s most exciting tourism frontiers. Our diverse tourism product is without equal. We complement the sand and sea experience of our sister Caribbean states with our own spectacular nature-based, heritage, sports, adventure-based and family-based tourism offerings.

Guyana is the one destination everyone should have on their bucket list. We do not promise a once in a lifetime experience. Instead, we guarantee an experience which will last a lifetime.

As President of Guyana, I invite you to visit my beloved country and savour its many delights. You will not regret it. You can be assured of an unforgettable experience.

Our tropical abode, whose shores are washed by the mighty Atlantic and fanned by northeast trade winds, will captivate you with its numerous and fascinating attractions. You will be mesmerized by our waterfalls, rivers, rapids, mountain ranges and savannahs and their amazing biodiversity. Nature lovers will be excited at the prospects of bird watching or trekking through our rainforest.
Our varied and delectable cuisines reflect our African, Asian, European and Caribbean heritage.

The hosting of major sporting competitions and the vibrant and colorful celebration of many of our religious festivals will ensure that your every day is filled with memorable and absorbing experiences.

Our towns and villages still reflect our rich cultural and architectural heritage. There are plenty of green spaces to make you feel at home and in sync with Mother Nature. And if you are looking to simply relax, our eco-tourism resorts offer the perfect getaway from the hustle and hassles of a hectic life.

Guyana’s hospitality sector is on an upward trajectory. We offer world-class accommodation and the friendliest welcome you can find anywhere in the world. But more importantly, we provide a range of outdoor and indoor activities which will titillate your every sense and meet your every need.

This magazine offers a snapshot of what Guyana offers. As you peruse its pages, remember that the places, events and activities which you will read about are not the stuff of fantasy or fiction. They are real and are waiting to be experienced.

Guyana welcomes you with open arms. Come to Guyana!

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