On behalf of our very hospitable citizens, let me extend a warm welcome to our fellow Guyanese and travellers from around the world. We are truly proud of the many unique and authentic experiences we have to offer as an emerging tourism destination and we are eager to share them with you.

COVID-19 greatly impacted our travel world but it reinforced our approach to sustainable destination management and marketing, which are focused on nature and adventure-based experiences, community led and owned tourism (CLOT) enterprise development, and our rich culture and heritage.

Carla James

Soon, it will be safe to travel again and Guyana is uniquely positioned to be one of the safest destinations in relation to social distancing. Our vast pristine open landscapes and small group numbers lend to a more intimate tourism experience which is ideal for travel in the Ònew normÓ. To ensure the health and well-being of our guests, we are working with all of our local suppliers, especially host communities, to implement more stringent hygiene and sanitation protocols… your safety comes first!

Though you might not be able to visit right away, we know you still want to hear the stories of the destination and be inspired for your next tripÉ and you will be, as you page through this helpful travel guide, created by local travel influencer – Tourism Guyana.

Travel is always about experiences so I would personally encourage you to go horseback riding in the Rupununi savannahs; visit our national icon – Kaieteur National Park – and have one of the worldÕs tallest and most powerful waterfalls all to yourself; go bird watching in the capital city or take a stimulating culinary tour of the Bourda Market with Chef Delven Adams, a known expert in everything food related; take an exciting boat ride up the Essequibo River and learn about the rich Dutch heritage or soak up the sun on the beaches of the riverain resorts.

Mount Roraima Expedition 2019 ©Leo Holding & Matt Pycroft

If you are more on the adventurous side, climb the Awarmie Mountain in the community of Rewa and have immersive and meaningful interactions with our Indigenous Peoples without an interpreter, because our primary language is English.

Whatever your choice of adventure, be sure to also take the time to learn about the Guyanese peoples through the attendance of festivals, enjoying the diversity of our cuisine and absorb the multitude of influences that have made Guyana a melting pot of cultures. We are all proud to share our cultural traditions and protected environments with you.

For more information about your exciting travel to Guyana, visit www.guyanatourism.com, call your local travel agent or check us out on Facebook @DiscoverGuyana for amazing content and videos! We will be waiting to welcome you to ‘Nature’s Beating Heart’!

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